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Thread: Am I right to be uneasy about Doxycycline and pursue other treatments?

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    Default Am I right to be uneasy about Doxycycline and pursue other treatments?

    My face is mostly red (except the area under the eyes, extending diagonally downward), and it also tingles and burns, especially in sunlight.

    I saw a doctor and he agreed it's probably rosacea. He prescribed (1) Elidel Cream - Pimecrolimus, and (2) Doxycycline 50mg daily.

    I tried Elidel/Pimecrolimus and it didn't do a whole lot, so it's probably not effective on its own.

    In terms of Doxycycline, I'm scared of taking it for several reasons. First, there are reports of hair loss on it: (the other name of this drug is "Doryx"), I mentioned this to the doctor but he laughed at me, but somehow I trust the posts on the site I linked to, even though it's not an officially acknowledged side effect of the drug. The posts are believable and corroborate what I've found elsewhere, even for small doses. Second, as an antibiotic, the anti-inflammatory dose is <40mg but he gave me 50mg. According to studies, anything above 40mg can result in increased tolerance. Even if it does help, antibiotics can't be taken indefinitely. Is he hoping that I'll be taking it on an on-and-off basis? Is it even healthy for the body?

    While I'm still deciding, it seems to me that all of the following are much safer than Doxycycline, and should be tried first:
    - Prosacea: An over-the-counter gel, orderable on Amazon, containing Sulphur (shown to be good for rosacea), with positive reviews
    - Benadryl/Zyrtec: an anti-histamine (see note*). If rosacea is an allergic reaction to something, could these help?
    - Diet modification: elimination of spicy foods (previously common in my diet)

    * One other thing I should note is in the past I've had a condition called dermatographism. It's when the skin reddens upon any kind of strong touch or pinch. It hasn't bothered me recently and it may or may not be related to rosacea. For dermatographism, the doctors' suggestion was anti-histamines, which is why I'm wondering if they could be helpful here.

    So is it right to resist Doxycycline?
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    Some take antibiotics for rosacea short term if they have a bad case since antibiotics have been used to treat rosacea for decades. However, long term antibiotics for rosacea have some serious side effects worth noting, so many have found other treatments than using long term antibiotics. The Gold Standard is Soolantra and Oracea (low dose doxycycline which is 10 mg slow released and 30 mg immediate release). Most informed dermatologists are aware how ivermectin (Soolantra) has had significant results with a number of rosacea patients and prescribe it first usually along with Oracea. Some dermatologists also prescribe topical metronidazole for day time and the Soolantra for bedtime use. If the Gold Standard doesn't improve the patient's condition within a month there are other treatments for rosacea when the standard treatments are not working. So you are not alone in being concerned with taking doxycycline whether short or long term. However, a significant number of rosaceans have been taking doxycycline long term but in the long run they have serous side effects, i.e., sun sensitivity, eroding of the tooth enamal, digestive issues, etc. When they stop taking doxycycline the rosacea usually comes back with greater gusto than ever! So taking doxycycline whether low dose or a higher dose does not cure rosacea but only controls it. There has been some discussion that taking oral ivermectin and metronidazole are an effective treatment worth considering.
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    Thank you, much appreciated. I assume Ivermectine is safer long-term than Doxycycline. Now I just have to find doctors who know about it.

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