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Thread: Is this a Rosacea symptom

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    Default Is this a Rosacea symptom

    Hey guys,

    Very new to using forums and also recently diagnosed so still a lot of learning about the condition to do. Can anyone help me-

    I get the usual flushed cheeks when stressed, drinking alcohol, going from cold to hit rooms etc etc. I have been experiencing episodes of dryness that is tight and has a sunburn feeling usually on my forehead and across cheeks (usually where I get flushed) itís been lasting anywhere between 1-3 weeks then eases off and I get a week or two break from it and then it happens again. Iíve just recovered from another episode that lasted 10 days.

    I work in a gym and constantly exposed to air conditioning for 10 hours plus a day. I am struggling to determine if itís the air conditioning causing an eczema/ dermatitis sort of flare up every couple of weeks or is it a symptom of Rosacea? Can anyone shed any light on it?

    Thanks guys

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    What did your physician diagnose you with, rosacea? It is a common practice for those with a red face to ask a group of Rosaceans what is going on with their face. And the signs/symptoms of rosacea are mimicked by many other skin conditions so much so that even doctors sometimes misdiagnose what may be causing erythema in a patient. While doctors sometimes misdiagnose, the vast majority get the diagnosis correct and it would be prudent to follow your physician's treatment plan. What did your physician prescribe for your treatment?
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