I had about 4 Laser Genesis treatments last year through July, and then one IPL this April. I’m not sure if either made any difference- if so, it’s not extreme. I felt like the IPL made me more flushy for awhile and there are these spots under my eyes at the top of my cheekbones that are more red and kind of crepe-y looking (maybe they were that way before IPL, but I notice it more lately). I feel like the only other recourse I have, after trying tons of meds, is to really try to destroy the extra vasculature.

My question: Opinions on the best laser or light treatment to do that? I feel like drs recommend IPL mainly but I’m not sure if that’s just because there’s little down time. I admit I’m scared of downtime but I also don’t want to expose my skin over and over to light or laser treatments that are unlikely to work.

At best, my baseline color is relatively normal, although there are some areas and spots that are somewhat red a lot of the time. But my main goal is to reduce flushing and I feel like getting rid of the extra vessels seems most likely for success.

So- any recommendations/suggestions, given my goals? Maybe my question is- what made you choose your particular laser or light treatment and pros/cons of if?

(I already take clonidine and klonopin for flushing)