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    Hi guys posting here because I told myself if my skin ever cleared I’d post about it to provide some hope. At one point I never thought I’d have clear skin again because all of these sites so it isn’t curable etc. I am still not sure if what I have/ had is sebohereic dertmatitis or rosacea but either way I saw a dermatologist and through trial and error found a routine that works. I went crazy with my diet etc trying to fix my skin and it helped my acne but not my rosace/ sebohheric dermatitis. Eventually this obsession with my skin led to OCD which got very bad. 3 years later I have much clearer skin and my OCD is improving. At one point I was depressed almost all because of my skin, and guess what? Now that I have clearer skin and talk about my skin condition people say they never even noticed. Yes, it was definitely noticeable but the point is people look at you as a whole not your skin condition. It can be hard to deal with but I wasted three years of my life hiding indoors and I regret it so much. Go out and enjoy life skin condition or not and eventually hopefully you can also find something that works for you too.

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    Thanks for posting. What helped?

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