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Thread: Coconut Oil Success on DAY 2

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    I'm new on the site, I came here when I was feeling at my lowest point a few weeks back desperate for answers, I know some people here will understand what I mean when I say I've been feeling low and ugly not wanting to leave the house. I was diagnosed with Roascea around 6 months ago, I feel when I got the diagnoses it became progressively worse fast. I didn't have particularly problematic skin growing up but as soon as I hit my 30's I started having the odd breakouts.

    More recently my face became so bad I couldn't look at myself in the mirror. It was hard for me as when I explained to my partner that it's a skin disorder but he seemed to think that the problem is because I am picking at my face. I keep trying to explain I'm not picking my face and it's a condition. I'm sure I have the occasional squeeze and pick but my face isn't like this because of that although I'm sure it doesn't help.

    I felt it important to come and post in the forum for anyone who might want to try this method, it's early days but I feel it's working for me.

    I do think I will still need some medication but 2 days into my trial with Coconut Oil I'm feeling extremely positive.

    Sometime last year I bought some 100% pure coconut oil for my hair as it was a but dry and I heard it was good for that. So I got X2 bottles of it and I used 1 and had one stored.

    A few nights ago I came accross an article on the internet about coconut oil for rosacea and since I already had a bottle I thought why not, give it a blast it cant get any worse surely.

    I put a small pool in the palm of my hand rubbed my hands together and smeared the oil all over my face then rubbing it in but still leaving my face shiny and quite oily. It's suggested this is done at night before bed but I did it in the afternoon when I had a day in the house I then repeated the same thing before bed.

    After the first application I felt instant relief from irritation, My skin felt nice to touch as it was oily and smooth with no horrible dry patches on the cheeks, I just enjoyed feeling the smoothness of my skin whilst the oil was absorbing my skin.

    I am still only on the second day but when I woke up this morning I had NO VISIBLE REDNESS AT ALL. The angry redness had disappeared overnight. I can still see the spots on my forehead, cheeks and the one on my chin which I HAVE picked. LOL. But the Angry red has all gone. today, my skin looks pale and spotty instead of ANGRY RED and spotty.

    I am hoping tomorrow will be even better results but I'm not expecting miracles.

    I am going to repeat the application tonight and see what happens. I will post an update.

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    Default Update coconut oil day 2 success

    I mentioned previously that the oil was 100% coconut. I have read the bottle now and it's called Mamando aromatherapy Natural coconut oil and when reading the ingredients they are:

    Coconut oil
    Sweet almond oil
    and sunflower seed oil.

    Can be used for skin and hair.

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    Tried the exact same brand. Made me worse

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