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Thread: Metformin stops me flushing

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    Can't believe it's nearly a year already since I posted this.
    Anyway I am still taking Metformin, only now I have switched to Metformin 500mg SR (slow release version) and find it works better than the normal version. My dose is one 500mg tablet every other day now. It is still working and stops me reacting/flushing when eating any type of food, especially high sugar, chocolate, white flour etc. Also it really helps with the swelling after a few weeks so have not had any more swelling since around a month after I started taking this last year.
    Haven't suffered any side effects from the Metformin and as a bonus lost around 3lbs of weight even when eating pretty much anything I want.

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    Thanks MarkHill8 for the update. Glad it is working for you.
    Brady Barrows
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    Do you think, people that ONLY flush without any other symptoms would benefit from this drug? People with erythematotelangiectatic rosacea

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