Hi ,
Has anybody and any success stories with IPL in terms of treating broken cap's ? My ones are very small and only viewable really on close inspection they just keep my cheeks a consistent pink , Red when my Rosacea flairs up - I have lost of them spread across my cheeks and my nose

I live in Manchester , Used save face website etc and been on dermatologist websites near me but they want £200 just to have a chat with them and each treatment could cost upto £400 + dependant on treatment , I would need both my cheeks treating and then they are saying between 1-3 treatments to get best results , I will end up with a million dollar face in a two dollar body and even then my expectations might not meet the results

The thought of IPL does scare me considering the lingering after effect I had with Thermavein and the clinic I went to was doctor led and assured me Thermavein would be ideal and stay away from lasers and IPL because its all snakes oil salesman stories

I don't really get new cap's just old one's that have been around forever and getting fed up of them now , I didn't expect miracles with thermavein just any effect on them would have been ok considering the price I paid ,

I spoke to a advanced electrolysis via email , didn't even show her my face , she wouldn't touch me with a barge pole because she said my veins have been compromised because of the Thermavein treatment ? which again I feel was just a cop out excuse

Wherever I turn I see websites saying broken cap's are easy treatable then I read a lot of forums and not many I read have had their expectations meet if anything they end up with worst symptoms , What gets me is nobody knows what causes broken cap's yet everybody can deffo say that the body will never repair them and they will never go away if you treat what's causes them rather then put a plaster over them till the next time ...

Is IPL actually the road to go down ?


Spooky Mulder