Just posting this here for future reference for any other yankees looking for a good IPL doc

I decided to give IPL treatments a go after my rosacea has progressively worsened over the past 6-7 years. I did a lot of research and reached out to rosacea specialists with good reviews here: Dr. Nick Soldo in Arizona (retired) and Dr. Zenda Garcia Lat in New Jersey (also retired). I came to find out that both of these doctors had been trained by Dr. Patrick Bitter Sr in San Francisco, and that Dr. Bitter Sr is actually the pioneer of the Photofacial IPL treatment for rosacea (he has a trademark on it). So reached out to Dr. Bitter Sr's clinic and was glad to find out he is still seeing patients.

I got a phone consultation with Dr. Bitter Sr and asked him if he could recommend a good IPL doc for me on the east coast. Without blinking he recommended Dr. David J Goldberg here in NYC. He said that Dr. Goldberg had done a number of clinical studies with him and that he was one of the pioneers in IPL for rosacea. I asked him if there were any other doctors he could recommend, and he told me none on the same level as Dr. Goldberg.

I researched Dr. Goldberg and came to find he had done quite a bit of studies and papers on rosacea treatment. In particular he wrote on the late 2000s talking about advancement in IPL and how he now uses IPL in combination with red light therapy on the same day for rosacea and sees better results. I also read that he had been a rosacea sufferer himself and all but cured his condition.

I had my first appointment with him 2 weeks ago and was not disappointed. I talked in detail with him about his approach to IPL, whether he did a multiple pass procedure, what filters he used, his approach to fluence / energy, whether he pre-flushed, what he recommended I take afterwards... the whole 9 yards. I was really pleasantly surprised. He took the time to listen and was very pleasant.

To summarize his approach:

* Recommends 5 treatment series and then touch ups
* He does a multiple pass procedure (he did a triple pass on me in my heavy rosacea spots on my cheeks)
* He only pre-flushes if the patient is not red. He told me I was plenty red coming in, but I insisted on pre-flushing anyway which he was fine with. I sat with my face in front of space heater for awhile
* He typically does NOT vary the filter, but his approach on me was to use the 590 filter and go over once pushing VERY hard on the skin to get deeper penetration, and then once without pressing hard at all to get more superficial rosacea, and then one pass in between
* He treats the ears and nose
* He always does in-office red light therapy for 20 minutes directly after the procedure
* Does not prescribe antibiotic afterwards (but I am taking Angiostop and Milk Thistle)

So far so good for my first IPL treatment. I've changed my diet around a lot and taking some new supplements, so its hard to isolate the impact of one thing, but my rosacea has been much improved recently. I'm looking forward to my next ones!

- Matt