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Thread: Pre-IPL Advice

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    Default Pre-IPL Advice

    I am scheduled for IPL on Friday and was looking for any advice for before/after care, as well as any suggestions re settings. My dr said she would do whatever I want, but she recommended an aggressive treatment based on my skin type. I’m really nervous about that idea though.

    Overall, any advice about what I could do to hopefully reduce negative effects but also make sure I see SOME results...

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    Hey Chai, hope it went well Very curious to hear your feedback over the next few weeks as I'm also considering laser as an option. thank you!

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    Thanks, Toby. It’s been a little over a week now. The first day I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t that red. I expected to be but it actually did what they said for the most part- was kind of pinkish red then faded to a more or less ok color. Since then, tho, it has fluctuated a lot- sometimes I think it looks better, sometimes worse, sometimes no change. Sometimes it hurts/burns. I’m hoping it’s a normal part of healing vs a new norm...There is a spot on each side (worse on right, but always has been) at the top of my cheekbone kind of under my eye that does seem darker red. The skin there is more delicate and maybe it will just take longer to recover. In my more positive moments, I feel like maybe there has been some clearance of the redness from underlying vessels but that the redness from flushing or irritation is kind of making up for that. :P But if that settles down, maybe I will see a positive change. I will update next week...

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    Default hows it going?

    Hi Chai,

    I'vr got my first IPL scheduled in 6 weeks, so I am wondering how you are going after starting your treatment?

    Thanks in advance,


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