Squalane oil has a very long carbon chain, 28 to 32, so it can't be metabolized by malassezia.

Plus, squalane oil has a fairly high HLB number (12), which means it washes off slightly better than MCT oil (an HLB number of 5) -- the HLB system is a rough measure of the how any particular oil can be emulsified with water. Squalane oil has a "soft" feel compared to other oils, and in my opinion it has very nice aesthetic properties. However, it's still an oil so if you use it straight (neat) it's going to be very shiny and oily.

Squalane oil was first derived from shark liver, but it's not possible to buy shark-derived squalane anymore, and it's nearly always distilled from olives. However, squalane oil is very expensive, costing about $1 per gram, whereas MCT oil costs less than $1 per 50 grams.

But the carbon chain length of any particular oil makes no difference for demodex or their metabolic needs.