Me again asking another odd question.

I've had 2 vBeams so far, the second of which was more successful than the first. What's so odd about that, though, is that I had a lot of bruises from the first one. Yet despite this, I did not see clearance in a lot of those areas after they healed. They basically just...returned to normal.

The bruises I had from the first treatment were mostly red, not purple. I DID get a few dark purple bruises, and while those took longer to disappear, I did see more clearance in those areas overall. Redness disappearing, less likely to flush, etc.

My question with this in mind is: Are all bruises not created equal?

I'm going in next month for my third and final (for now) vBeam treatment, and needless to say, I want to get as much out of it as possible. What my doctor did for my second treatment is use short pulses that were only JUST under my bruising threshold. I still bruised in a couple small areas, but for some reason, I saw more improvement after that treatment than the first. It really is the oddest thing...

Does anyone have any thoughts on why I might have had this outcome? I think I'm one of those patients who would see optimal results over a course of maybe 5 treatments, but vBeam is expensive, and I just don't have the money.