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Thread: Post IPL: perfection for a few days, a mess a week later

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    Default Post IPL: perfection for a few days, a mess a week later

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post. I've always had problems with sensitivity, a lot of broken caps and redness on my skin. I'm 27 which is fairly young to have such bad broken veins. I've done many sessions of Genesis, Yag, and got IPL for the first time almost two weeks ago. I was wondering if anyone shared a similar experience. My skin had virtually no downtime after IPL, the redness that there was resolved within an hour. My skin was also amazing. Finally the area I spent countless hours and money to fix faded. Then, I stupidly decided to dye my hair 5 days later. It inflamed my skin a bit but nothing serious. However, in a couple of days (1 week total after IPL) I started getting some redness. I tried many creams and lotions that would normally work for me, even ice packs and running cold water over my face, however all of it only made it a lot worse. I've had very red cheeks for a few days now with on and off improvement but it always goes back to being red. I generally don't even flush a lot. My problem is mainly broken veins. They have been getting a lot worse, new ones popping up every day, due to this permanent flushing. I look a lot worse than I did before I got IPL. I am stuck wondering if it's me triggering this by dying my hair and irritating, or it would have happened anyway. I never had such persistent redness. Anyway, has anybody else had a similar pattern? Getting red only a week or so after IPL? I'm currently in mourning of my skin that I thought I finally fixed (or at least got to look decent for once).

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    Did you ever improve? I had a slightly similar experience of it seeming fine and then getting more red and irritated about 5 days in...

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