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Thread: Curious case: Malassezia or demodex?

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    Default Curious case: Malassezia or demodex?


    Normally when I shave I have this "head" attached to my razor, such that it does not give me a superclose shave. A month ago, I was to shave my upper cheek, like 2-3 cm below my eyes, so I took of the head of my razor (I use a Philips OneBlade), and shaved this area. Now, very quickly afterwards, like the day after, I noticed that a small area, like a small circle with diameter of 1.5 cm, had started getting red and skin was almost "hard". Like a shell of sorts. I immediately thought "OMG this is where I shaved", and figured it was either demodex and malassezia. Now, I've been treating with ivermectin and climbazole, and even the oat groat method, but as you see, the patch has not responded, it has even grown much bigger. This is what it looked like coming out of the shower this morning. It is so much worse.

    Very interesting indeed!

    Any tips would be awesome

    EDIT: it burns and stings too, if that could be a lead. I can wake up during the night by a stinging sensation, and as I'm typing this, same thing is going on... comes and goes

    I mixed 50/50 oat groat and water and used it as a mask two or three times a day when I went on holliday in Portugal for a week, where it was sunny and warm. It is so obvious that my skin is reacting to the mask, but not as explosivr as before, especially in my perioral area. Also it should be noted that I dont experience this lifting of the skin. Anyway, I still had this one stubborn spot.
    I put the oat groat solution on for 15-30 minutes, and I would scrub the red spot (with hard skin) with the oat groats as I put it on and as I removed the mask. Every day the skin just kept peeling off, and after a week the red patch was gone. It should be noted that after each session I put on pure injectable ivermectin (ivomec, same strength as Soolantra it seems), because I didnt know if this was fungus or demodex. Anyway, success!
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