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Thread: Be careful with extreme diet

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    Default Be careful with extreme diet

    Be careful eliminating milk bread and cereals.
    Did the recommended rosacea diet for last 6 months.
    Iíve had weird symptoms for weeks burning tongue lips and pins and needles
    Plus lots of other symptoms.
    Just got bloods back Folic Acid dangerously low.
    Been taking multi vits on and off but obviously missed that one.
    Thought I was dying.

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    Which recommended diet? Any improvements?

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    Default Diet

    Quote Originally Posted by tobyg View Post
    Which recommended diet? Any improvements?
    Cutting Dairy, Sugar processed food, Gluten spicy food etc....
    No, got burning tongue and lips plus ulcers from folic acid deficiency.
    I’ve got gut inflammation so think I have Low stomach acid .
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