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    ill kick this things butt
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    Just been diagnosed a week ago(25/M) ,face red from my third and worst flush that happened a couple of days ago which made the redness not subside ever since ,and spread from the nose to the forehead area . I got Rosace here in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh city) and I feel like it's from the heat plus pollution + inadequate skincare throughout the last couple of years , I have been traveling since I was 21 .I don't know if anyone else in my family ever had it . My older brother is basically the only person that I have ,and I feel like this is going to impact his life as much as mine ..all of the jobs I ever had were basically done outside in the sun. I was the most active and cheerful person in the world just recently.. and now my mind is fixated on this problem ..causing a lot of made me quit my job here in ho chi minh and buying a ticket home ... haven't told anyone about the diagnosis yet.. I feel so anxious about the return , feels like I will be the complete opposite of who I was when I departed from my home country 7 months ago .. just feels ****ing hopeless .. can't even cry . And the worst thing is that It just might have been avoided by not coming to live here
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