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    A couple of months ago I had a PDL session that may had quite a big effect on my flushing. I think I would possible benefit from more of the same but I can't afford the downtime. The results of that session meant a full two weeks before I felt comfortable leaving the house.

    The laser was a Cynery pulse dye laser 10mm spot, at 7.0 j/cm2 duration 0.5ms.

    I don't believe that's a particularly high setting? But I did seem to react quite strongly to it.

    Am I likely to see reasonable results at lower settings? Are there similar alternatives that have less downtime?

    My issue is like 95% flushing, all in my nose, I have very little permanent redness.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    I love how a lot of the brochures for PDL say there is 'no downtime' and you can head straight to work after the proceduree...

    This is not overly helpful advice, but my dermatologist recommended I wear concealer / make up in the recovery period if I was concerned about the downtime.

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