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Thread: Rosacea that seems to have turned into acne

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    Default Rosacea that seems to have turned into acne

    I never had acne other than the occasional pimple. I feel like I somewhat have gotten the pustules under control and I credited spironolactone but who knows. But I now have bumps that appear midcheek, take forever to go away, and are often replaced almost immediately with bumps in similar area. To me it looks more like traditional acne and is leaving what looks like scars or uneven skin. Any similar experience? Wondering also if the Spiro is making it worse Altho helps other things

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    Possibly demodex? The infestation will cause major skin changes as they deteriorate your collagen. Soolantra would help, or according to people using it, as cream.

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    Please post non-revealing pics (eyes blocked out) to and link them here.
    How I was cured from Demodectic / Demodex Rosacea (Types 1 & 2 & nearing 3), Seborrhoeic Dermatitis and Eczema

    Got a smartphone? Then please post a non-revealing pic of your face/skin to, instead of using walls of text to describe it to us. It may be the best thing you've ever done!

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