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Thread: Day 5 after diagnosis (Doxycycline)

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    Default Day 5 after diagnosis (Doxycycline)

    Hi All

    I started on Doxycycline 100mg once a day on Monday after being diagnosed with rosacea, the main symptoms being P&P's. So far my P&P's seem to be calming down since day 3 with only a couple of new ones but more noticeably my skin, particularly on my forehead has completely changed in texture. I have had Rosacea symptoms since late 2017 but always had what I thought was dry skin during winter, maybe this was the cause? I can't stop touching my forehead, it actually feels alien to me, my skin feels kind of plump!

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has followed a similar path to me, I know that I can't take 100mg of Doxycycline every day forever so i'm curious as to where to go afterwards? After reading several posts, I am leaning towards thinking it's Demodex mites as p&p's are definitely my main symptom with red marks left afterwards that takes months to go away.

    Many Thanks

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    Default My experience with Doxy

    I take DoxyCycline 50MG to control my PPR on my nose. It works really well, but my Dermatologist tells me that it is not a long term treatment.

    Have you found other treatments help you?

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    Doxycycline and minocin are 2 antibiotics that are effective against bacillus oleronius. That bacteria has been found in demodex skin mites. The bacterial infection is a secondary problem. This fact explains why taking either of these antibiotics appears to help for a short period of time but not in the long run. Long term use of either antibiotic is not advised as that can lead to antibiotic resistance and other problems caused by the medication. The antibiotics kill the bacteria but have zero effects on the demodex skin mites.

    Effective treatments that will eliminate or greatly reduce the demodex population are:

    Oral Drugs:
    1. Highly effective, 2 week, inexpensive, 2 drug oral combined treatment using generic Oral Ivermectin + Oral Metronidazole. This anti-parasitic, oral treatment worked for me when nothing else ever did including taking Minocin for years. My skin is still clear more than 3 years later. Documented in a medical study published in the May 2013 International Journal of Infectious Diseases here:

    Prescription Topical Treatments:

    1. Prescription Soolantra Cream (1% Ivermectin) - Use at night. Takes 16 weeks to clear. Best for milder cases. Con: Soolantra is expensive, especially without a prescription drug card. A tube can cost $500-$600 USD.

    Over the counter (non-prescription) Topical Treatments:
    1. 1.87% "Horse Paste" - Available at Amazon for $5-$7 dollars for a small tube. Use like Soolantra. Topical treatment at night for 16 weeks.

    2. Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) Face Spray (0.01% to 0.02% concentration) - Same chemical as made by the human body in response to infection. Very soothing and non-irritating. Kills the juvenile form of demodex skin mites and reduces the population over time. HIGHLY effective against at least 23 different strains of "bad" bacteria. Does not harm "good" bacteria necessary for a healthy skin biome. Also HIGHLY effective against fungus. Studies have shown that HOCL breaks up biofilm and is anti-inflammatory. HOCL can be used as a very gentle skin, eye lash and eye lid cleanser. Various brands available on Amazon. I'm currently using BrioTech HOCL Face Spray found on Amazon for about $11.95 per 4 ounces. This is the brand recommended by tatoo artists and piercers to help their clients heal up clean without infection. Other brands are available including Occusoft Hypochlor, Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser Spray, etc. Both of these are good as well, just more expensive.

    3. Cliradex Wipes - Contain a tea tree oil extract that is a potent demodex killer. Developed by an opthalmologist in 2008 for his patients with blepharitis demodex (also known as ocular rosacea). Can be used on the entire face as well as the eyelids. Use carefully as it can be irritating to the eyes.

    4. Tea tree oil: Available in facial cleanser, shampoos. Also available in the Desert Essence ointment for topical treatment at night.

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