Microneedling is where the skin is pricked by many pins with the idea that it induces the underlying collagen to renew and is used for things like acne scaring and generally improving the barrier function and quality of the epidermis. Its really anecdotal at this point but Ive seen a few people online claim it has cleared their SD. Technically they say you should avoid it on broken skin but I like to experiment. So obviously it could just be a few people trying to sell micro needling to people....



So I decided to try it. I bought a cheap chinese roller, actually two off eBay for a few bucks and tried it. I should of done a small area to test but I thought screw it and went the whole way. So I rolled my face, it was red and a few spots of blood but wasn't too bad. I felt like I had sunburn for a day or two. I got worried because then my skin became quite dry and was peeling off. But once the skin fell off the skin seemed softer underneath.

So I can't claim this as any big success but I have now decided its worth exploring a bit more and have bought a 'Dr Pen' off eBay for 40 bucks and also some hyadryolic acid and also some cheap tattoo numbing cream. Quite a few people have recored their experiences of doing it at home on youtube. So now I'm waiting for the stuff to turn up and do the treatment again.

Reason I think it might be helpful is I have the belief that even of you cure your internal issues your skin barrier is a permanent part of the issue. I have cleared my skin up 70% with clean diet and various supplements but I can see on my skin there are areas that are permanently the top layer of skin has been lost and it often sits next to random areas where the top layer is intact. I put this down to using all kinds of treatments and scrubbing in the past where I destroyed the upper epidermis. My SD internally has improved with,

1. Kefir
2. Kombucha
3. Avoiding sugar and wheat
4. avoiding coffee
5. Ambrotose
6. L Glutahione
7. Raw milk, but hard to get hold of..
8. Vitamin C supplement.

But still the skin barrier is broken. I dunno if anyone knows of any other way to heal the skin when the upper epidermis has been lost?

Microneedling I am hoping will help with this. I will report over the following weeks how it goes. I have to leave a 2 week break between treatments.