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Thread: I'm doing the Carnivore/ZeroCarb Diet

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    How are you doing? Do you feel better?
    My diet helped me. But I combined it with fitness. For 4 months I felt constantly tired and I also had problems with digestion. The doctor advised a diet to improve metabolism. Try to combine your diet and classes here with this simulator, for example. You eat a lot of protein now, so these activities will benefit you and improve your metabolism.

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    I'm doing great with a keto/low carb diet, blepharitis almost gone and rosacea in remission. Give it a try guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryohiku View Post

    My situation :

    I'm 25. I have rosacea, type redness flush only (no pimple but hot and unpleasant flushs). I react badly to many type of food, to emotions and stress. I have chronic fatigue and digestive problems (bloating, food intolerance, flush after meals).

    I am convinced that rosacea is linked to intestinal health and immunity. I'm pretty sure I have SIBO and a low stomach acid production. Which causes my health problems. I have already tested a lot of diets / supplements in recent years. I never felt real improvements...

    What i'm doing :

    I decided to test a radical diet: the Carnivore Diet. It's a diet with zero carbohydrates, zero fiber, just a fair amount of meat, offal and organs, fish, eggs, bone broth and... that's all.

    I also take a multivitamin to make sure I have enough micronutrients. I also take Betaine HCL and a supplement supposed to help eradicate SIBO / Candida called "Candida Support" and which contains caprilyc acid, pau d'arco, oregano oil and some other ingredients. That's all, I do not take anything else.

    Updates (regularly edited) :

    I am on the second day now. I have a big desire for sugar. My whole body shouts to me "Sugar, sugar, sugar!" but I resist. I am also tired and have uncomfortable sensations. It seems that it is quite normal, and that it will go much better the 3rd or 4th day when my body will be accustomed to this ZeroCarb/Keto Diet.

    Feel free to ask any question or have any suggestion !
    Hi Ryohiku

    Low dose naltrexone (often referred to as LDN) may be worth considering given your chronic fatigue and rosacea. LDN is being used with some success in chronic fatigue, and less commonly in rosacea too. Having taken it, I've certainly found it leads to a strong sleep pattern, and I think this is one of the benefits for CF. You can find more about how to get it at this website:

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