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Thread: Carnivore Diet - A New Hope ?

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    Exclamation Carnivore Diet - A New Hope ?

    Have you heard of the Carnivore Diet?

    Many and many testimonies say that they have cured all their skin symptoms and their autoimmune disorder by practicing this diet.

    I know it sounds crazy, but it seems like it works. Not just "improvements", not just "I think it helped" but really "I'm cured"!

    Just google "Carnivore Diet for Skin" or "Carnivore Diet Autoimmune Disease" or just "Carnivore Diet" and you'll see some pretty incredible testimonials.

    What do you think ? Has anyone ever tried ?

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    Default Carnivore diet

    It sound like Attkins diet, whereby you eat a lot of meat and exclude carbohydrates, especially bread and everything that contains flour. It's worth trying. What's to lose? If not getting rid of rosacea, at least could lose extra pounds.

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