Im 25 years, male.

One year ago i got some red spots in my face (chins) and went to the doctor for it. They said Rosacea and I tried Finacea, and "svavel-creme" for 12 months.

It hasent got any better, the spots are still there, some days they are gone, and the next day they appear.

But worst of it all, im always red, like sunburned. (And people tell me that alot, its so annoying). The redness is always there, but comes in attacks aswell.. And i just wanna hide at home fastest possible.

When i get this redness attacks all of my body feel kinda warm.. but the face most - nearly get headdeck from it.

So... always red, and get some days that are worse, some "dots" and warm.

What shall i do? Finacea and svavel-creme dosent help...
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