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Thread: Everything Burns! Use it anyway?

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    Default Everything Burns! Use it anyway?

    I have persistent rosacea characterized by flushing, blushing (which I have mostly got underneath control), and it has progressed this winter into a red rash like pattern on both my cheeks. The right is much worse than the other. The winter’s here are drier than the Gobe desert and that certainly does not help.

    My problem is this. All moisturizers, cleansers, and spf’s tend to burn. Maybe not immediately. In fact, if I put moisturizer on at night, my skin will be visibly calmer the next day - for a bit. But after about noon or so, the flushing will begin and my cheeks will burn. It is often a very delayed reaction. It almost feels as though the blood in my face is trying to escape, as though the moisturizer is blocking it - or it’s some kind of rebound effect. This is also frequently accompanied by delayed eye symptoms i.e. stinging, bloodshot.

    Cleansers and sunscreen do the same. It is a delayed reaction.

    Much research talks about the importance of skin care, moisturizers, cleansing and the benefits associated. That they are a necessity. And I have never committed to trying to improve my skin barrier through continued use of a cleanser, moisturizer combo for even a week or two - because of the burning. But maybe that’s my problem.

    Should I just give it a go anyway? Do I just push through? I’ve tried lots of products (calming, sensitive skin etc.) so I don’t think it’s necessarily the products, I think it’s the skin.

    Any advice or simile experiences would be much appreciated.

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    From my experience if it burns then u r allergic to it and if u kept pushing, it will get worse
    I know how frustrating it is, i found a good sunblock after years and years of searching, but still after 15 years couldnt find a nice moisturizer.
    Im allergic to everything apparently
    Keep on trying and i hope one day u will find a relief

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    Thanks Miaa. It seems you may be right. And congrats on finding a sunscreen that you can use.

    My follow up question would be then, and I need to ask myself this as much as anyone else, how come I can use these moisturizers on parts of my face or body without discomfort? E.g. if I just put it on my forehead, I won’t have a reaction. If I just put it on my chin, I’ll be okay. But if I put it on my rosacea affected areas (cheeks, little bit nose) that’s when I have problems. Maybe those areas are allergic because the physiology of the skin there is damaged, weak, dehydrated, and malfunctioning.

    Bah, who knows. Hard question to answer.

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