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Hey guys, long time lurker here but this is my first post. I'll start with thanking everyone here for being such a helpful and supportive community.
I am 22 years old and I have had this chronic skin condition for a long time now, as far as I can remember it started when I was around 11-12 so it's been going on for 10 years now, no flare ups and recessions, just always the same.
I've been to numerous dermatologists over the years but honestly none of them really helped, some even gave contradicting diagnosis. Over the last few years, most doctors seem to think it is a combo of Rosacea and Seb Derm but I think there may be more to it. Currently I am using a moisturizer (2-3 times a day depending on how bad I feel) and Nizoral (twice a day).

As far as how I feel, my face is constantly dry and red all around and if I dont apply a moisturizer I have a burning sensation. The areas at the side of the nose, the chin and the forehead do sometimes get worse than the rest of the face and I know that is a symptom of Seb Derm (also my chest itches slightly sometimes) but I dont seem to get much flaking and my skin isn't oily at all, to me it feels very dry (my hands are also very dry and flaky). The only flaking is like peeling from dryness, not the fatty scales that you see with SD, but I do also have dandruff (not a terrible case of it, but it is sometimes irritating). The peeling and dryness can happen anywhere on the face and not only in the usual Seb Derm areas which also makes me suspect that it is not a normal case of SD. The worst area seems to be around the mouth, on a bad day or if I don't apply moisturizer on time the whole area around the mouth gets very dry and flaky and drives me crazy until I wash it and apply some cream. Also, my lips tend to get dry. If I eat spicy food it can make the whole area around my mouth peel like crazy and go flaming red, needles to mention the itching and burning are unbearable when this happens.

I have tried all different skin care products, cheap and expensive and the only conclusion I have is that the non oily type of moisturizers used for Seb Derm don't help me at all, they actually make things worse and make me peel even more (the last one I tried was Uriage DS Emulsion). The only products that offer me any comfort are the simple very oily and greasy moisurizers that are aimed at very dry skin, I currently use Neutrogena Ultra Nourishing Intensive Balm. I know that very oily creams are bad for SD but that is the only thing that can get me through the day, if I don't use it I simply can't function due to the itching and burning sensation (Even after I apply it my skin feels sensitive and can be a little itchy but it is a big relief). I dont think the Nizoral is really making any difference but currently I'm still using it, I've been using it for a month so far.

As far as the Rosacea goes, the last doctor I saw said he thinks he could see demodex tails. My face is almost always red, even with the moisturizer and honestly I am more worried about dealing with the burning and itching than with the aesthetics currently. I did try Metronidazole in the past but it made my face didn't take it well so I stopped (it made my skin feel irritated). I should mention I also have irritation in the eyes and was told by an eye doctor that it could possibly be due to the Rosacea.

The picture may look stupid but it can help me in explaining the condition: (It was taking after I applied the moisturizer so you cant really see any dryness)

* Generaly, my whole face gets dry and sensitive, sometimes it's worse than others but it's always there.
* The red areas get itchy and red sometimes and seem to be more problematic than the rest of the face. When these areas are itching sometimes the moisturizer doesn't even help much. The ears don't bother me as much as the itching isn't noticeable but they do get flaky sometimes.
* The orange area (including the lips themselves) somtimes gets very very dry and starts peeling badly, it the worst part but the moisturizer helps.
* The grey areas do get dry and peel sometimes but they are nowhere as bad and irritating as the other areas (I forgot to add my nose to this area, not the sides but the nose itself).
* I also have very very dry hands and my chest itches sometimes.

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Has anyone get any idea what this condition could be and how I can treat it better? I know parts of it sound like SD but my skin is generaly dry and the only thing that gets me through the day is the greasy moisturizer and if SD was the case wouldn't that type of product just make things worse? Thats exactly the part I can't understand. As I said earlier, light creams used for SD don't help at all and just make things worse. This issue is really getting me down and I'm starting to lose hope, especially as all the doctors I've seen don't seem to help much.

Thanks so much for reading, I would really appreciate hearing your opinions!

I'm certainly not an expert on this subject. But I've been reading about demodex related skin conditions non stop. Some of the symptoms you mentioned I can relate to. Although your face isn't very red. Which I find interesting. But anyway you mentioned demodex mites. If you are indeed having trouble related to demodex mites. Using only water and not properly cleansing with soap. Plus if you're using moisturizers and feeling any itchy sensation. This just means that you are feeding their ability to continue their life cycle.
You might want to look up pityriasis folliculorum on this forum. So you can potentially rule put demodox mites. I personally am starting to think I'm suffering from an overgrowth of these mites. I will be seeking out soolantra (ivermectin) to potentially kill the mites.
Again I only bring any of this up due to your mention of demodex. Hopefully by now you're getting relief. But I figured it couldn't hurt to throw this info out there.