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Thread: Grow light? (660nm LED)

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    Quote Originally Posted by darren1 View Post
    I'm looking at eBay listings for cheap LED. I came across this, but wonder if it's too strong in terms of wattage?

    I have a 630nm light which I used daily but may need to step up the wavelength.
    I ordered 25 watt 660 nm but it probably is not good for the face, especially for about 6 inches because it gives a little heat.
    I had the first two sessions of about 4-6 inches, but that's probably not a good option because of the heat that the bulb gives
    Maybe it will be better with a greater distance so that it does not feel warm.
    The LED mask does not give any heat.
    I had some good effects of the Led mask + I also use Epsom salts on my face and it's better. I bought a light bulb to see if it will be better but I think the LED mask is better because it does not give any heat (my mask led red work light for 650-730nm )...
    Maybe a better option will be a 12 watt bulb or if you want a 25 watt light bulb then use it with a greater distance than 4-6 inches so that you will not feel the heat.
    It seems to me that a 25 watt bulb is too strong for the face (unless you use it with a greater distance to not feel any heat)
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    I bought a 36 watt LED grow light. I can say for certain that I've had it too close to my face for too long. This morning, I realised I'd made my face worse on one side, so for the next week I'm backing off the red light while I recover. I've been using green from my LED mask, which is far weaker and certainly safer.

    I have to say though, the LED red bulb makes a nice ambient light for my bedroom at night. It's relaxing to have the red light in the corner of the room as I believe it helps me better prepare for sleep. A bright white bulb in a typical bedroom is not so good before going to sleep as I think it disrupts the body clock.
    I'm recovering from Mirvaso-induced skin damage. Ask me about it if you are too.

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