I finished a precautionary 10 regime of Val-Acyclovir due to my partner's herpes outbreak.

I do not have herpes and acyclovir can help kill herpes virus in a new host, if it is taken 48-72 hours after possible contact. I took a low dose of generic acyclovir in val-acyclovir form (because it has a higher absorption rate), 200mg twice daily after meals.

To my surprise, rosacea started to recede a few days after I started the regimen!! And the last symptoms continued to fade even after finishing the acyclovir, which I guess is my own immune system dealing with it.

My rosacea started slowly developing in my early 20s (I am 30 now). By the time I was 26/27, it became terrible. I had my rosacea issues fairly under control after reducing lifestyle stresses and eating less of foods that aggravated redness and bumps on nose (I started off with hardened skin on the nose and cheeks and general redness of the face), but it never went away completely and kept flaring up if I relaxed in my regimen.

Now I am rosacea free !!

This questions some of the beliefs about rosacea causes, as acyclovir is an anti-retroviral drug.

I searched for information on rosacea and acyclovir, but nothing shows up. Only two links came up, one by doctors and one anecdotal: unable to post links, as I just created an account to share this.

I will keep monitoring how I do in the next few months and plan to do a follow up treatment, if symptoms reoccur. I will update this thread, if anything new comes up.

If it worked for me, maybe it will work for others !