I purchased a 36 watt 660nm red LED grow light. I've used it on my face or up to 10 minutes at a time but got far too close. It actually caused new redness to form (this was about a week ago) but that seems to have subsided now.

The point is, I thinki the energy of the device plays role: get too close for too long and you'll see ill effects. I'll be using the light again but for furthur away for a lesser amount of time. My face feels tight and dry after 3 minutes, so I stop then.

I too am concerned about angiogenesis.. but, then, isn't that what PDL bruises are doing? The fact that there is a bruise at all after a PDL zap to the skin is because an artificial blood clot has been created, causing blood to flow to the skin, and apprently, for the tiny blood vessels near the surface of the skin to coagulate.

What type of angiogenesis is being caused by LED?