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Thread: I'm curious how many of you have been diagnosed with pityriasis folliculorum?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Busby View Post
    Hi Sarat, the primary problem with employing skin scraping or biopsy is that everyone has a resident population of demodex, so a doctor can easily brush it off, because of course, he would find demodex. (Dr. Forton's article states that 100% of his subjects were found to have demodex.)

    And, there is no test for the allergic reaction (cascade of signs and symptoms) that result in demodicosis. So we are left with observation and logical inferences.

    However, docs don't like to say or imply, "try this and see what happens," but under the circumstances treating a likely allergy to demodex involves a topical arachnicide (miticide) like Soolantra, which is in fact the only logical approach. Plus of course, daily showering with mild surfactants, rinsing completely, and then applying a non-occlusive lotion to minimize TEWL.
    There is a video here on the science of testing for demodex mites in rosacea from Professor Frank Powell's research:

    As the video implies, there is a greater interest in demodex mite caused rosacea in Ireland and some European countries, more scepticism in the US, and virtually no interest in the UK in this amongst dermatologists.

    What mild surfactants and non-occlusive lotion would you suggest?
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