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    I honestly don't believe I have social anxiety, but it seems to be 95% of my flushing. Nothing worries me and I'm generally a super calm dude. I mediate daily. But I've crossed out all the triggers and flushing always seems to be from social situations -- perhaps exacerbated by a warm room but this is just a corollary imo. It used to be solely in extreme situations, perhaps a speech infront of lots of ppl, but now it's much more common and in situations where I'm speaking to someone without any anxiety or even sitting in a classroom not talking. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I feel like it's some imbalance in my body (hormonal or gut related?) as the underlying problem.

    It'll go away in ~20 min if I sit next to a fan, but when I do flush it's pretty gnarly / looks like an allergic reaction, comes out of nowhere, and just gets worse when I start thinking about it. My heart rate doesn't seem to increase nor do I feel anxious. Perhaps I do have social anxiety and I don't know it? I'm generally pretty introverted. I honestly think there's an imbalance in my body. What would you suggest / any medical tests worth looking into?
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    I get that as well on social situations out of nowhere itís annoy and hate it so much. If I think about not flushing I flush even more. Idk what to do to control this.

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    There are medications which are particularly helpful for flushing caused by anxiety/social situations. These include propranolol, pregabalin and, to some extent, mirtazapine and sertraline. You will probably find it easiest to persuade your doctor to prescribe propranolol or sertraline if you have anxiety.

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