Recent research indicated that women who drank 4 cups of coffee per day were significantly less likely to develop rosacea than women who only drank one cup of coffee per month.

Has anyone ever noticed there rosacea getting better after starting to drink coffee. I have been drinking 4 cups of coffee cold to luke warm for about a week. I know that my rosacea is bad to the degree that drinking it hot will make it worse but I have noticed smoother skin , and less wrinkles on forehead since starting drinking it but no improvement in rosacea so far I think. Coffee is full of antioxidants so I think that may be why the skin on my forehead is smoother. The researchers said they didn't know if drinking coffee would improve rosacea, they only observed the correlation stopping the condition developing . When I heard about it first, I thought that people with rosacea just don't drink piping hot coffee because it will make their skin worse and correlation does not equal causation but I think they factored this into the equation because they were only looking at people who hadn't developed it yet.