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Thread: angular cheilitis as manifestation of seborrheic dermatitis?

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    Default angular cheilitis as manifestation of seborrheic dermatitis?

    For about a year now, I've had chronically dry, chapped lips that will sometimes cause ulcerations at the corners of my mouth. They call this angular cheilitis, and I suspect it may be caused by the same process as seborrheic dermatitis. Has anybody else experienced this, and if so, what products worked for you to treat it? I'm cautious about using chap stick or lip balms because they don't seem to work well even with constant use, and have ingredients that I'm afraid will make the microbes proliferate and aggravate the underlying condition.

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    Yes, your observations about angular chelitis are the same as mine -- I had very noticeable cracks and ridges at the corners of my mouth, and flaking on my lips, which worsened with the constant application of lip balms and sunscreens. I stopped using these products about the same time I started using Hegor 150 (1.5% climbazole) shampoo, and saw a fairly rapid reduction of the problem. This particular result was the first visible improvement I saw from using a topical anti-fungal treatment.

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    Gee whiz, yes the corners of my mouth are cracked and I have what looks like an excema moustache, a little bit of Vaseline helps. I went on itraconazole for two weeks and everything cleared up, unfortunately it all came back. So it has to be fungus related.

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    After a few weeks into my first round of consistent anti-fungal treatment (topical climbazole and/or piroctone olamine), the corners of my mouth became extremely dry and cracked, sometimes even to the point of bleeding. Aquaphor or Vaseline provided temporary relief, and over the course of a few weeks with continued anti-fungal treatment the condition gradually resolved, and I've never had the problem since. I likewise suspect it was Malassezia-related.

    I suffer from chronic chapped lips thanks to doing a couple rounds of Accutane in my early 20's to combat acne. A thin layer of petroleum jelly or squalane oil have helped much more than any lip balm, which are useless and overpriced in my opinion. Unfortunately squalane also started breaking me out around the lips, so my mainstay is just plain Vaseline or alternatives that are petrolatum-based (e.g. Aquaphor or, my personal favourite, Cerave Healing Ointment).

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