After a very successful IPL in June, I decided to have a final touch and opted for a Cutera vascular laser. With the same doctor.
I don't know the exact settings, but what I recall is that the power was 8,6 joules for the whole face and 8,4 for the nose. It was extremely painful, despite the cooling tip. Much more painful than my IPL.
Again, don't believe in "lunch" laser procedures. And don't believe that the downtime is minimal. Well, I have been extremely extremely (almost grotesquely) swollen for 5 days.
It has been 13 days after the procedure and I do not know where I am in the healing process. I am not swollen anymore, but definitely redder than prior to the treatment. Unlike after my IPL, when I was immediately pale couple of hours after the treatment. In this respect, I can't tell whether this is a good or a bad thing. Does it mean that I worsened my condition? Or does it mean that the treatment was successful and that the darkening of blood vessels is a normal thing? I don't know. I hope it will gradually fade over time.
But I am pretty bummed as I hoped very much for the same results as after the IPL.