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Thread: Citron Essential Oils Alleviate the Mediators Related to Rosacea Pathophysiology

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    Default Citron Essential Oils Alleviate the Mediators Related to Rosacea Pathophysiology
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    "In this study, it was demonstrated that 'citron seed' and 'unripe citron essential oils' suppressed LL-37, KLK5, VEGF, and TRPV1 in NHEKs stimulated with VD3 and IL-33. LL-37, KLK5, VEGF, and TRPV1 are mediators that play important roles in the pathophysiology of rosacea; hence, citron essential oils are expected to improve Rosacea symptoms by inhibiting the underlying pathomechanism. On the basis of our results, we anticipate that citron essential oils could be valuable ingredients for an adjuvant therapeutic agent for rosacea."
    Concentrations of 'citron seed essential oil' and 'unripe citron essential oil' at (0.005%, 0.01%, and 0.02%).

    (Note not to be confused with Lemon oil.)

    Has anyone ever used Citron oil on their skin and seen improvements??. It's doesn't seem that available or well known.
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