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Thread: Topical Soolantra While Pregnant

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    Default Topical Soolantra While Pregnant

    I wanted to see if anyone has had any experience applying Soolantra cream while pregnant or if it was deemed okay to use by their OBGYN . It is labeled as Class C and there has been no long-term control studies to determine its safety in pregnant women. However, I have read that there is very limited transdermal absorption of ivermectin.

    With that said, I am currently NOT pregnant but my husband and I plan to try soon. Soolantra has been helping me a great deal with my pustules and redness in the short time I have been on it. Because my rosacea is so isolated, I am only applying the Soolantra to an area probably the size of a nickel. I thought about asking my dermatologist for Finacea but my skin is extremely sensitive and I feel this would only erase the progress I have made with Soolantra.

    If anyone could please advise I would greatly appreciate it. I hope I do not come off as selfish by asking this question either, I will obviously do what's best for a baby if I were to become pregnant.

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    It’s not advisable to use Soolantra during pregnancy and breast-feeding:
    And even if they didn’t officially mention it, Soolantra is a new medication and as such, there are still various side effects to be revealed.

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    I just don't think there is enough information available for anyone to say that it is safe. There would be so many things that need to happen before if could even be declared safe.

    So we just don't know. Even if the systemic absorption is small, any amount will add risk. Add in whether the placenta allows it through or not.

    Too many unknowns sadly.
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