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Thread: Oil Control Tissues and Demodex

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    Default Oil Control Tissues and Demodex

    I have read a lot that Demodex feed on the oil of the skin. Since i got rosacea i started having oily skin. I do a few things to try to calm my symptoms, (such as better diet, probiotic, a shampoo that claims to kill demodex. etc).

    Last week i also purchased some oil control tissues
    As oil feeds demodex i believe that it help out with managing symptoms or helps to kill off demodex in combination with other stuff i use to combat demodex.

    I feel that i has helped a bit. Anyone else have tried something like this? Or have any thoughts about it?

    The way i use them is as follows:
    I use them before i was my face, as they can absorb a lot of oil, therefore water can better reach my skin as i have removed the oil layer from my face.
    And i also use them about 2 times within the day when my skin get very oily.
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