Hi all.

I know thereís a tendency for people to just stop posting after some time if they find a way to improve or get rid of their symptoms completely. I did myself. So I thought Iíd give a short update on my situation.

I battled some pretty intense type 2 rosacea along with ocular symptoms in the years 2012-2014. I had used metro-cream for a couple of years before that, and that kept it pretty much in check. My symptoms however exploded after a mindless experiment with some mild steroid creme, and after that nothing worked. I tried metro, finacea, antibiotics, coconut oil, changing my diet, everything (this was before Mirvaso and Soolantra, havenít tried those).

Iíd pretty much given up hope when I some desperate night bought the ZZ Cream online. When it arrived I didnít have the guts to try it for a couple of weeks, but I got drunk some other night and apparently applied it. The effect came the next morning! The redness had greatly reduced and my skin was dry in a nice way and not oily as it used to be. I kept using it, and after a couple of months I was 99 procent rosacea free.

And I still am. I keep maintaining by applying it very thinly a couple of days a week. I only have to buy a new jar every two years. I never think about my rosacea anymore, only when I check in here every couple of months to see if anythingís new.

I guess what Iím trying to say is that even though things seems hopeless, there is always a way. I myself was so depressed and thought my life was pretty much over. Hang in there, and if you havenít tried ZZ Cream, do give it a shot. I know itís helped some people on this board.