I'm posting this cause maybe it can helps people to manage the redness on their skins due to rosacea.

I have tan/ brown skin but i used to have redness on my both cheeks since i ve developped rosacea type 2 ( i was type 1 before ).

It's been 2 months i'm using manuka honey from New Zealand, the most expensive one with MGO800+ and it really works on redness, i can say it has reduce the redness from 80%.

I apply it 2 days per week, mixed with water directly on my skin, it doesnt burn or make me have a reaction.

I ve noticed that my skin is more tolerant too, i ve used to apply tea tree oil directly on some spots and papules and it used to cause me allergy, now i dont have anymore allergy from the Tea tree.

I didnt change my routine during 6 months except by adding manuka honey into it.

Oh and i forgot to say it fade scars very fast but not completely.

If you want me to add pictures of my skin before/after just ask me.