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Thread: Spider veins. Broken caps. Veins on face!

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    Default Spider veins. Broken caps. Veins on face!

    Hey has anyone had any luck or experience using a cream or diet that helped with broken caps.
    I will never use laser so I was wondering if anyone had some luck with treating these veins.
    RLT helps a bit but doesnít not control or calm them enough.
    Veins on my face get brighter and more red when itís irritated ofcourse but there must be way to calm them. I have tried a lot of vein supplements like - grape seed. Horse chestnut. Vitamin c and lysine.
    Bioflavonoids and few others. They might be good for large leg veins or blood flow but for small spider veins they donít do much.

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    Some thoughts -

    microbotox to redirect blood flow / reduce neurogenic inflammation. My understanding is that some blood vessels might be hogging the blood and there is a maldistribution of blood flow - botox when purposed for rosacea could help circulation be more even.

    topical timolol (using beta blocker eye drop on skin .. they use this for infantile hemangiomas)

    blood pressure drugs / blood thinners

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