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Thread: Anyone tried dry fasting?

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    Default Anyone tried dry fasting?

    Supposedly very powerful way to deep clean your body and immune system.

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    No because it seems so gimmicky to me. I wouldn't mind doing it, I just don't buy into it. Have you tried it?

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    I tried but for a very short time. It really helped me and clean my body and skin, but you should be very careful with it.

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    I know this is an old thread but I just want to share my experience with this for anyone that is thinking about trying. For ramadan, dry fasting is done for 30 days in a row and I have done this most my life. Basically we don't eat or drink anything from sunrise till sunset. Usually this is done by looking at an exact time that the sun will rise and set in our area. For example, if sunrise starts at 4:33am, people usually wake up drink plenty water, eat breakfast and go back to sleep right before 4:33. Then break the fast at sun down, let's say 7:22pm. Then we can eat whatever we normally eat and drink all night until 4am the next day. This has no affect on my rosacea since I developed it but I will be honest and say that in 3 different years, halfway through fasting ramadan, a weird rash on my body that I would have dealt with for months, would finally go away on about day 15-20. This always happened without me changing my eating habits, and I did eat plenty of sugar unfortunately. I can't say that this had any positive or negative impact on my rosacea at all, but if anyone was curious about dry fasting please make sure to do it correctly. Make sure that throughout the night you drink PLENTY of water. If you can do that, then it is safe. Also in my area, sunrise to sunset was usually about 14-15 hours.

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