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So happy that i comeback ,to share my experience, and hearing from you guys
So it has been now more than one year that’s i am using diluted zz cream only night applications,i was cleansing with sulfur soap but I stopped using it because i recognized that it dry out my face so i was cleaning my face only with water , my face was doing well and still,but i was thinking recently that zz cream residue stayed on my face because i was cleaning only with water and I experienced dead skin when i took hot shower once a week,so i decided to purchased eucerin dermatoclean a mild cleansing milk that i decided to used it every day ,after 2weeks and boom i had rosacea flare up that i am dealing with it till now,now i using only water and zz cream
But the weird thing that i started developing a deep cystic acne in my forehead that i never had problem with
I don’t use zz cream on my forehead because i didn’t have problems there,i remember i applied one or two times in my forehead

Here is a photo of my forehead and it hurts us hell

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I used to use a microfibre cloth to gently rub away ZZ Cream residue, while in the shower. It's what I recommend to people.