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Thread: Benzyl Benzoate is Working Where All Else Has Failed

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    I'm using around 25 - 30% sulphur in the De La Cruz ointment, and mixing it roughly half and half with a moisturiser. I don't think exactness is really necessary here -- it just needs to be "enough", but not so much that it dries out the skin. My guess is even 10% sulphur should be enough, provided that the formulation at least partly absorbs in the skin (like ZZ cream, for example) rather than solely sitting on the surface (like De La Cruz ointment when used alone). I base this on the fact that 10% sulphur is sufficient to kill the scabies mite, and the demodex mite is roughly the same size and has a similar exoskeleton, and is therefore unlikely to be any tougher -- the reason that it's harder to eliminate is probably due more to behavioural differences rather than physical.

    Glycerin is very sticky on its own, so it might help to mix it with water (or an aloe vera gel, as previously mentioned) when applying. It's naturally present in our skin so it has a high tolerability, but the stickiness is the main reason why its usage in formulations tends to be capped at around 10%, and is usually around the 5% mark. I'm mixing the De La Cruz ointment with moisturiser each time I apply and I expect if I dissolved sulphur in glycerin instead I'd still be doing the same thing.

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    The only lotion I have at hand to mix with after the initial mixing with glycerin is Hada Labo but that doesn't mix particularly well. I'm guessing aloe vera and anything else water based will be the same. The past couple of nights I've had to sleep with a towel over my pillow because it doesn't absorb too well.

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