Firstly, I bought some sublimed sulphur (more commonly labelled as "flowers of sulphur") and added it to the De La Cruz ointment to increase the sulphur concentration to about 25 - 30%. It blends in easily when stirred.

I mix the ointment roughly half-and-half with a moisturiser on my fingers and then apply the mixture to my entire face (and slightly beyond, such as around the ears and the upper neck). This is why I increased the sulphur content of the ointment, since I never apply it without diluting it with a moisturiser. The polyethylene glycol in the ointment is not at all cosmetically acceptable, and almost none of it absorbs into the skin, but when mixed with an emulsion in a typical moisturiser, it absorbs far better. The skin still feels tacky after applying, but it doesn't have that excessive greasiness, and if applied this way right before bed, I've noticed that even the tackiness has disappeared by the next morning.

I don't really know if it's necessary to up the sulphur concentration, but my skin handles sulphur without any issues. On the other hand, if you don't add any additional sulphur to the De La Cruz ointment, which is 10% sulphur on its own, and you mix it half-and-half with a moisturiser, then it effectively becomes a 5% sulphur concentration, which might not be strong enough.

After applying it nightly for a few days, my face experienced a lot of dryness at first, but with continued use that's no longer been a problem. Interestingly, that's exactly what happened during my first week of ZZ cream, too. Now I'm applying the ointment every other night.