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Thread: Follicular scaling with seb derm?

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    Default Follicular scaling with seb derm?

    Does anyone with seb derm experience scaling that is more within the follicle? Like a white keratin scale protruding out of the pore? These are very prominent around the nose and chin for me and very difficult to remove because they literally stick out of the pore. Im trying to figure out whether this is more characteristic of demodex or seb derm. Any type of moisturizer causes burning and small pimples. If I were to rub my finger across the areas a bunch of dead skin rolls off. Ive been told both seb derm and demodex may be causing my issue but Im curious what others with seb derm experience when it comes to the flaking.

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    Default Efa deficiency

    Hello my fiends,

    I had the same exact problem for 2 years! Been to many docs all diagnosed with seb derm but itís not actually seb derm, itís a condition that has very similar symptoms to seb derm. i recently discovered it all has to do with diet and deficiencies, I didnít know all of this and had been suffering for more than 2 years until I recently randomly increased my intake of EFAs with chia seeds and days after I started to see the scaling fading away! I continued and took the recommended daily allowance of EFAs for a healthy person and the scaling never came back now after 3 months! Left me with super super smooth skin all around my face, I used to be jealous of my brothers smooth skin but now I know I had developed deficiencies when I was on unhealthy diet and etc.

    Go get your EFAs from chia seeds and natural organic butter. Whinin 2 weeks youíll start to see results and you can thank me later. Thereís a reason they are called ESSENTIAL fatty acids (EFAs)

    You can google EFA deficiency and youíll see it for yourself; dermatitis, scaling, dry yet oily skin(combination skin) hair loss, keratin plugs, chronic loss of tissue water!

    Go get it tiger.
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