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Thread: Food Experiment Open Diary

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    Quote Originally Posted by dryad View Post

    I've been traveling abroad and domestically for a few months but have stayed extremely assiduous on all skin care. I have concluded my food experiment with the following: I do not have *any* trigger foods in my regular diet, or even foods that I ate abroad that are nowhere near my regular diet. My rosacea is unassociated with diet altogether. After about seven months of careful tracking, starting by eating basically nothing except sweet potatoes and fish, up to now where I eat whatever I want, there is no correlation between food and face.

    The only correlation is if I eat hot soup I can get a short-lived flush. For a while I thought the combination of yogurt and wheat might have been causing it but I figured out that that was purely because of temperature. If I spray my face immediately before, during, and after eating a very hot soup with French thermal spring water (a la Avene, Uriage, La Roche Posay, Vichy) then I don't get the flush.

    I haven't seen my dermatologist since early January because I've been away but I will be making an appointment to see her soon. She will probably put me on the tranexamic acid by mouth therapy at that time but I can't be sure.

    My current regimen is as follows:

    - clean face with either Bioderma Hydrabio micellar solution ("for dehydrated sensitive skin") *or* Uriage micellar solution (for dehydrated sensitive skin) - both of these companies use a blue-colored cap for this one - with a 100% cotton pad. Allow to dry naturally.
    - spray whole face with Serozinc zinc sulfate solution by La Roche Posay *or* dab a tiny amount of Avene Cleanance MAT mattifying emulsion on the little foldy bits around my nose and also the indentation on my chin (basically the only parts of my face that count as "skin folds"). Allow to dry naturally.
    - apply a small amount of Hydrovit 3D Superlifter day cream (a hyaluronic acid face cream in individual dose ampules, which allow them to make it without preservatives, however I use one ampule over the course of two days) - this is sold by Target Pharma and is only available in Greece but I suppose any hyaluronic acid face cream without preservatives would be more or less the same thing - I use this one because of the no preservatives and because I was getting too dehydrated without a humectant moisturizer. Allow about 5 minutes to pass.
    - apply a moderate amount of Bioderma Photoderm AR (Anti-Redness) SPF 50+ tinted sunscreen to my entire face and massage in, allow to "set" for 30 minutes before doing anything else (and especially before exposure to the sun).

    Throughout the day:
    - spray my face with eau thermale if I feel hot, stressed, or if I exert myself basically at all. (This helps prevent flushing because it tanks the temperature of my skin.) I use the ones from Avene, Uriage, and La Roche Posay during the day.)
    - if I need to "top up" my sunscreen, I spray my face with Bioderma Hydrabio eau de soin Brume hydratante anti-UV SPF 30 (spray sunscreen) *or* I remove my morning sunscreen with micellar solution and reapply the Photoderm AR.

    - clean face with the same micellar solution as in the morning. Allow to dry.
    - apply a small amount of Metronidazole 0.75% gel (Robaz in Greece, Metrogel in the USA) to the parts of my face that experienced rosacea at its worst extent, but not the parts that were never affected. Wait a full HOUR.
    - spray my face with Vichy eau thermale (I only use this one once at night because it's $$$ compared to the others but I like it because it contains enough elemental sulfur to smell.)
    - apply Uriage D.S. Emulsion regulating cream all over my entire face.
    - (lately because I happened to have some, I was using Avene Physiolift Yeux eye cream on my eye contour but I'm not going to be continuing with that, I was just using the sample they sent me for a month. It's fine but I'm not going to pay for it.)
    - if I'm still awake after another hour, I spray my face with Uriage eau thermale which helps me sleep.

    In the event that I have a pustule:
    About once/week I will notice that I have a pustule (i.e., extraordinarily shallow tiny white dot on my face). When that happens:
    - as part of my morning and/or night skincare, after washing my face but before anything else: spray my entire face with Octenisept (octenidine HCL) spray and allow to dry for at least 5 minutes.
    - topically apply a small amount of Pfizer Dalacin-C lotion (1% clindamycin lotion) and allow to sit for about 5 minutes before doing anything else, but if evening, don't put the Metrogel over the spot where the Dalacin-C is so it can work by itself.

    I'm including a photo of my progress below. The photo on the left is from August 2018 and the photo on the right is from today, April 9, 2019.

    Attachment 5542

    My mother, who has had the same condition as me for about 40 years, at my urging finally found a dermatologist to test her for demodex via skin scraping and was found to have an extraordinarily high population. She's now on ivermectin by mouth and Metrocream (she found Metrogel to be too irritating). She is feeling very positive and optimistic!

    Trevi - that's a ****ty thing to say to a person. I don't appreciate it and this kind of message is why I took a break from this forum. Please keep your nastiness out of my thread, thanks.
    Hi Dryad - you've made amazing progress between the two photos. You asked above about a foundation for a red undertone skin. Oxygenetix is specifically designed for highly sensitive skin and they do have a so called 'blue base' series, the lightest of which is 'Pearl', for skin with a "rose/pink skin undertone". I also find most of the foundations seem too dark for my skin type. The other problem with rosacea of course is any skin flakiness when applying the foundation.

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    antwantsclear - thank you for the recommendation! Lately I have been finding that the coverage I get from my tinted sunscreen (of all things!) is adequate as a "foundation", the problem is it is quite oily (either the sunscreen, or my skin, I can't really tell), and putting anything like a powder on top makes it "break up" and look quite bad. I tried loose powder foundation with mineral sunscreen but found it also broke up even by itself (and I couldn't wear it over my liquid sunscreen at all).

    For now, I'm trying to rock the "natural rosy glow" look and avoiding makeup in general but I will keep an eye out for the Oxygenetix one!

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