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Thread: Who "cured" their rosacea and how?

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    Hi guys!
    Just wanted to throw in my quick story here. It's been 10 months since I first began a holistic healing journey, documented on this website under RedVelvet ( and I continue to see only clear skin. I am tempted to call myself "cured" although I won't do that yet because: I continue to use ZZ cream twice per week, and I continue to eat a very clean diet (no pesticides, nitrates, pork, and very little gluten or dairy) as well as take a daily detox tea and greens powder. If I were to stop all this, would my rosacea come back? I'm not about to try. I found some very useful resources along the way. Brady Barrows, for one, who is just a wealth of knowledge. After working with hundreds of people with rosacea in the last several months, I've come to the conclusion that rosacea is not a skin condition. It manifests in your skin, but it is the result of something internal: either gut, liver, spleen, virus, heavy metal toxicity or even chemical or food allergies. If you really want to heal your rosacea from the inside, you've got to address the underlying causes. Healing takes TIME. Cleanses and detoxes can help, but changes in environment, foods, and even the way you think are key to healing.

    A resource I recently stumbled upon which is FULL of useful info and accounts of people who've healed their skin naturally is this website: and her free podcast which has tons of interviews with doctors and skin experts.

    I encourage you all to KEEP GOING. Keep learning. Don't give up. Rosacea can heal. Yes it takes time, but more and more doctors (like me) are now incorporating holistic rosacea healing into our practices.

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