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Thread: Who "cured" their rosacea and how?

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    Default Who "cured" their rosacea and how?

    Hi. Can you please list the treatments that

    - do not involve taking drugs (antibiotics, roaccutane, birth control pill, etc)

    - actually worked for users of this forum and are sustainable long term.

    I'm not interested in any invasive treatment options.

    Have had type 2 rosacea since age 16, am 29 now. Only thing that cleared it up was the birth control pill. Rosacea came back after quitting the pill at 26. Have it mainly on my jaw and neck and the large pores, rough skin texture and generally red face color.

    Am currently doing red LED and azalaic acid. Haven't really seen any really amazing results yet. Next week I'm getting micro botox to get rid of the redness and the large pores and maybe it'll help with the pimples too. I'm mainly bothered by the rough skin texture.

    Many thanks.


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    Did your dermatologist test you for demodex skin mites? If not, ask them to do so. Demodex skin mites eat oil. These mites are microscopic and virtually everybody over the age of 5 has them. A healthy immune system keeps them in check. If the immune systems is down, the mites can get overpopulated and cause rosacea, acne, and eye issues like ocular rosacea/blepharitis demodex, etc.

    Both birth control pills and accutane/isoretin drugs effect the oiliness of your skin. Reducing the oiliness can temporarily reduce the number of mites in the pores and oil glands. Neither drug will kill all the mites, just temporarily reduce the population by reducing their food source. Rebounds can happen after stopping either drug. The drugs only give temporary improvement if demodex is the underlying cause.

    I had a misdiagnosed case of demodex for many years. It was misdiagnosed as bacterial acne/hormonal acne and "allergic conjunctivitis". None of the treatment my 4 dermatologists prescribed ever worked. It turned into a really bad case of ocular rosacea. Early this year, I took the 2 week Oral Ivermectin + Oral Metronidazole treatment. It worked.

    If you have demodex and want a less invasive treatment, here are some external things that can help:

    1. Borax - DIY shampoo and bath soak. Good for mites and fungal infections.
    2. Tea tree oil cleansers, moisturizers/ointments - essential oils like tea tree, castor oil, clove oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, menthol and camphor can kill demodex. Tea tree oil and clove oil are the best but must be used diluted with another oil like grapeseed oil or castor oil. Dilute tea tree oil at least 50% or more and clove oil at least 99%. External use only!
    3. Hypochlorous acid sprays - this is a substance the human body makes in response to minor injuries - its very diluted and mild, very soothing, very good for spraying the eyelids and face, especially at night before bed.
    4. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments - IPL will kill the mites - they don't like light.

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    Welcome to RF. There is a learning curve with rosacea. While everyone is looking for the 'cure', if there were one, we wouldn't have RF, which is a huge repository of data on rosacea treatments. There is not one treatment for rosacea that improves the condition that works for everyone, which is what has been dubbed as the Rosacea X-Factor. Most of the treatments discussed in RF are ones that have rosacea controlled, not cured. There are a few reports of rosacea going into remission, but they are indeed few. In the past, if you used the word 'cure rosacea' it was like shouting fire in a crowded theater. Now that there are a huge number of books and over the counter products touting 'cure rosacea' these two words no longer carry the stigma it used to convey. However, you may want to watch this short video Can Rosacea Be Cured? Another interesting article to read is, Rosacea Research in Perspective of Idiopathic Diseases, which helps to explain where rosacea is in terms of rosacea research.

    So to answer your question, you are on a search for the 'cure' or a way to control your rosacea, along with the rest of us. My recommendation is reduce your sugar/carbohydrate to a bare minimum and use the ZZ cream. I am not the only one who will recommend this because it works for others, but again, not for everyone.
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    Thanks very much for your replies, guys!

    I haven't been tested for demodex yet, I've tried Soolantra though for 2 months and tea tree oil for a bit longer, which disappointingly didn't really do much. So I don't think it's the mites but I'll ask my GP to get me tested. Maybe it's the mites after all.

    Yeah, the pill controls sebum production really well. Maybe I can find a topical product that does the same thing.

    I'll have a read through those links, thank you!

    It's been three years and I've tried so many things. What's worked best so far is azalaic acid, red LED and eating a big chunk of raw ginger daily. I can keep the p&p's at bay this way but the whole face is just pink and the texture so bumpy, the skin is dull, the pores large and I'm getting so many wrinkles.

    Has anyone had success with meditation?

    No one in my family has this condition. I'm the only one. Everyone else has perfect skin. It may be psychological.

    Anyway, thanks very much for your help, I appreciate it! Definitely gonna try the zz cream.
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    I know that ginger is considered as antinflammatory, but it is a TRPV1 agonist, which is a key element of the inflammatory aspect of rosacea.

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    An academic study found that clove oil could kill demodex mites in 5 minutes - one of the quickest of any substances to kill the mites. However, as Elaine says it is particularly likely to inflame active rosacea. I'd be interested to know what dilution concentration and with what carrier oils people use clove oil, if you have tried it to kill mites?

    I've found that ginger is one of the least inflammatory of food flavourings (e.g. compared to pepper, other spices or garlic - though some seem to find garlic helpful for rosacea). I think it can still be problematic sometimes though.

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    Default Soolantra

    Did you see any improvement with the soolantra? I had it for several years and tea tree oil did not help long term. But I started using soolantra and used it for a few weeks and have not had an issue since. I basically quit using it about a month ago and my skin has never been so soft and clear. I do apply it once a month very thinly just in case. I do not want to go back odwnhill. I was even applying the soolantra to my eyelids since I read that was a place they tend to hide. Once I got it under control I got all new make up and replaced my pillows and pillowcases just in case. I cleaned anything that touched my face (phone-sunglasses-etc) with tea tree oil. I wanted to cover all bases. Ive heard some people take longer to have the soolantra work. Some need to take it with an antibiotic. Id have them check for demodex or just give the soolantra another try for 4-6 months.

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    Yeah Id say give soolantra atleast 12 weeks.
    Been using for about 16 weeks nightly myself. Had a few ups and downs but on the whole, things are a hundred times better than what they were a few months back.

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