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Very interesting post.
Do you remember what dose of accutane you took and for how long. I am on it now at a low dose of 5mg a day, it is definitely helping my nose swelling (don't have any pustules or acne, just flushing and swelling).
The only other thing that has previously helped is strict diet and what you've posted has piqued my interest in EGF-R. Is the list of foods you mentioned that bind the gut EGF-R all of them?? or are there many more.
I'm having trouble finding any list of foods that bind the gut EGF-R. Would definitely like to try a diet cutting all known EGF-R foods out.
I can't remember the exact dose but it was pretty high. At least 60mg. I took 2 courses of it which lasted almost a year. Worst decision of my life.

I had the same question about whether that list of foods I posted encompasses all known lectins that bind to the EGFR. Unfortunately, it's hard to research. At least the foods listed seem to correspond with the foods I've always known I've had trouble with.

The other thing I try to limit is high histamine foods which aggravate my rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis. I also take supplements to repair my stomach and intestine which not only helps my face but helps combat the permanent folliculitis on my scalp that Accutane gave me. L-glutamine, black seed, butyrate, and many others are good at repairing your gut lining. Perhaps the best thing I've tried - despite being disgusting - is fresh cabbage juice. Nothing repairs the stomach like cabbage juice - not even prescription meds.

While on Accutane you should try to protect your gut. It's a chemotherapy drug so it goes after rapidly dividing cells - your skin, brain, and gut.