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Thread: What foods are triggering you the most?

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    I think more often its alcohol, some fruits(like oranges), eggs, and milk products. Some people have a really bad reaction for it

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    I find if I drink beer with a lot of yeast in it like a wheat beer, it sets my skin off. In general if I consume anything with too much yeast. My face goes bright red and itches like crazy. It is a shame as I really do love wheat beer. Spicy food also makes me flush badly and causes outbreaks as well.

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    Last year I drank hot bone broth that was swimming with fat. A mug if it.

    Ten minutes later my face was badly flushed and I knew that the fat had irritated my gut. The blushing was really hot and very angry-looking.

    I had recently had PDL at that point and this flush ended up causing permanent patches of redness on my face, on the areas that the laser had missed.

    I now know that saturated fat is not good for my stomach, at least not if it's empty!
    I'm recovering from Mirvaso-induced skin damage. Ask me about it if you are too.

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