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Thread: Excel V has been a godsend.

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    Lightbulb Excel V has been a godsend.

    I have subtype 1 and have had it for >20 years.

    Over the years, had IPLs and VBeams fairly regularly and tried to stay out of the sun, little alcohol or drugs, but ate whatever I wanted and it was okay, never with totally non-red skin as you all know, but ok.

    Then the last few years I got a HUGE blast of redness and random flushing.

    I don't know if it was because of the RLT home device that I used...which did NOT work for me at all. I truly am grateful for people who have introduced rosacea sufferers like us to ANY AND ALL forms of treatment and help as I know it has helped a lot of us, but I believe it might have made me more flushy and red. I also wear tinted sunscreen and would fall asleep with it on sometimes. Perhaps that had something to do with it getting worse. Maybe it was a host of things...

    Also, I think maybe stress as well? So I dug down and worked harder and more hours and saved a bit of money. (Tried not to stress as much as well.)

    Found a local technician who worked at a derm's office about 1.5 hours away from me. They do Excel V treatments. First one was just like any other VBeam or IPL...and right afterwards, I would look in the mirror and have random flushing attacks just like before...and I thought, man this stuff isn't working for me anymore I guess.

    But then I went a 2nd time. Let me tell you, within days, my skin was calmer and less reactive, less flushing. I also started eating a low sugar and low salt diet. I remembered way back when I first got rosacea and my face would get red randomly and would stay red (am sure we ALL remember when this brutal disease started), but for a week or so, I ate salt-free chips and drank water and my redness went away.

    So I am going back to that recipe (anything low salt and low sugar, so salmon, raspberries, peanut butter, almonds, white and brown rice, chicken, salads, etc). And am staying away from dairy as well as I have read so many things about dairy being bad for rosaceans like us.

    Well, anyways, I think it's all been helping and it's been like night and day. I went from having THE WORST REDNESS EPISODES OF MY LIFE and the DEEPEST REDNESS EVER to a massive improvement in less than 2 months (after that 2nd treatment).

    I will NEVER go back to eating junk food again (thank you, Brady Barrows and others on here who have consistently advocated for healthy food, low carb, low sugar, etc.), I have started using glare protectors on my laptop screens and I always wear sunscreen and a hat when out and about (tinted windows on the side windows of my car).

    So I just went to my 3rd Excel V treatment and it's only been 36 or so hours and it looks much smoother, less red, and I even feel like I can see some white here and there when it's SUPER-CALM.

    Treatments are about $175 in some areas, but I will rent a motel room or do airbnb and crash there the whole day of the appointment, drive home at night, and then stay home or stay out of the sun as much as I can for about 3-4 days afterwards. I don't work because I don't want my face muscles to be on overdrive during these days, eg talking and the such. So I lose a total of at least $700 whenever I do these treatments. But it is proving to be SO WORTH IT. I highly recommend anyone with subtype 1 like me save as much money as you can and find a decent Excel V practitioner and give AT LEAST 2-3 treatments a try.

    I was really feeling nervous about this condition worsening and I would NEVER SAY THAT I AM CURED because as we all know, a cure is NOT on the table for rosaceans like us and anyone who promises a cure is a quack and doesn't understand this disease nor do they have it (at least subtype 1). Subtype 1 is TOUGH to treat.

    As far as my regimen, I have switched to Cetaphil foam, but I have sworn for 20+ years by Sulfur Soap. It has been reasonable for me and I have bounced around to different soaps and cleansers to alternate with sulfur soap, but I have NEVER not used sulfur soap regularly no matter what my face looked like (Braunfel Labs).

    I know that this Excel V amazingness might all of a sudden not work for me down the road -- and you guys know that this is possible and it keeps any one of us from getting too smug about "beating rosacea." It is a lifelong battle and it's guaranteed humility and patience. But for now, today, I am so happy that Excel V is currently working for my redness and flushing. Both have probably reduced over 40%-50%.

    I just had to share and I hope this finds someone or more than one who can be helped by Excel V when their subtype 1 seems to be acting way out of control like mine's been these past few years.
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    Thank you for your report. How did your face look directly after the treatment? I had some IPLs and had a swollen red burning face for over 2 weeks after the last treatment.

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    Default Looked ok after 7 days...

    Quote Originally Posted by timo View Post
    Thank you for your report. How did your face look directly after the treatment? I had some IPLs and had a swollen red burning face for over 2 weeks after the last treatment.
    After 7 days, it looked better usually. It's gonna be puffy, but I believe that my face is regularly a bit puffier since I first got this disease like 20 years ago.

    2 weeks seems a bit long.

    Ask them to give you specifics on the machine and the such.

    Maybe they're going a bit too aggressive.

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