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Thread: Acne rosacea or dermatitis seborrheic

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    Default Acne rosacea or dermatitis seborrheic

    Last time I saw my derm in March 2017 he told me you have acne rosacea demodex
    Cause my problem is papules red and pink spots on forehead and on the nose and around
    He gave me rozex and 15minutes later moisturizer to put on areas with papules.
    Rozex erase pinkness or redness from papules but they come back at the same place later
    And sometimes any pink or red spot never heal
    Since two weeks I have pinkness on temples with little pink dot

    I got this problem since long time 10years now
    It started with pinkness on the eyebrows just above and ibsude
    I got thin eyebrows but they are always there
    On 2012 until mid 2016 I got succès with doxycycline (tolexine) only
    I took three little course of isotretinoin in Sept 2011 until December 2011
    And from 2012 to mid 2016 it was ok I was on doxycycline several times ( no rozex)
    And September 2016 until December 2016 ( skin very dry cause don't want too much moisturizer cause otherwise papules)
    But in 2017 I go back with tolexine and doxycycline plus rozex. It was under control
    But since June 2018 it's hard cause every evening I put rozex on papules always the same place, it's anti Inflammatory but usually papules come back at the same places and any don't heal

    What's your thoughts?
    And advices in term of treatment
    When I try to make shampoo with climbazole or zinc pirythione for the hair if I suppose it's a seb derm too, it's bad cause it's hard for my forehead it drying and got new papules
    So I don't know
    I use natural shampoo without sls but not sure if it's anti seb derm I mean vs yeast or Malassezia or demodex
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    Might want to go back to your dermatologist and get a Rx for Soolantra and Oracea (or read this thread if your insurance doesn't kick in for these two).

    For your SD read this thread:

    Tom Busby's SD Treatment Protocol
    Brady Barrows
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